What we need from you

To rent one of our sweet vintage vans there are some criteria you need to meet:

- You need to be 26 years of age and hold a valid driver's license. If you are an international driver, you need to have a valid international driver's license.

- You will need to provide purchase our full-coverage car insurance through Outdoorsy.

- You will need to sign a legal waiver stating that you understand you are fully responsible for all damage done to the vehicle. (This includes scratches, dents, cracked windshields, popped tires, losing items that belong in the van, etc.)

- You will need to agree to only drive the vans on our paved road system.

*The Denali Highway and the road to McCarthy are strictly off-limits.

-You understand there is no smoking allowed in the vans, no fish will be cleaned inside our vans or stored in our coolers, and no pets.

-You will be responsible for returning the van in a clean state with a full tank of gas.

-To keep our vintage vehicles in tip-top shape, we ask our clients to keep the mileage at 125 miles per day. After 125 miles we charge $0.25 per mile driven, averaged for the entire trip. You may not drive our vans more than 200 miles on any given day.

-You will need to read and sign our Terms & Conditions.

-Most of all you need to have a great attitude!

Remember, you have chosen to rent a 30+ year-old vehicle, so things aren't going to work like a brand new car. Lights don't come on and off with the ignitions, the fridge isn't cold, nor does it make ice (hence why we provide Yeti coolers), things might not open and close perfectly, and you have to have patience driving at a slower pace. We do our best to provide you will a sweet ride, but things happen, vans break down, and you need to be flexible and patient if they do!

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