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When can I get behind the wheel and how much will it cost me?

We operate May 15 through October 15th!


Poly, our Syncro, is 4wd and has a beefy heater than can run when her engine is off, so she is perfect for chilly nights!


Goldy, Sue & Clark are available when the roads open...their season begins around the time the snow is gone and it's safe to be driving our beloved Westies around again. Keep in mind, winter can stick around up here, so it can still be snowing in May!


Usually we rent our vans for a minimum of a week at a time, during peak season, (June-August),but this summer due to the unique situation we are all in, we are targeting local Alaskans to explore our great state, and are only requiring a minimum of 3 nights per rental at $200/night.

The price includes a free airport pick-up from Anchorage International Airport. If you arrive by train or stay the night at a hotel before you want to begin your rental we can meet you anywhere in the city with the van.

In addition to the weekly/nightly rate, the state of Alaska levies a 3% tax on all rental vehicles and the municipality of Anchorage levies an 8% tax on all rental vehicles.This will be added on to the total cost of your rental.

Included in the weekly price is an average of 125 miles per day. If you drive more than that, on average, during your trip, there is a $0.25 fee charged per mile. We want to encourage you to use our vans to enjoy the beauty and wildness of Alaska, and not use them as a mean of transportation to try and see everything you can in one week. We make custom itineraries, and would love to make a trip for you where you drive less, and experience more!


We also require you to purchase extra insurance on the vehicles, and we offer an option for road-side assistance that we highly recommend. (For a full price quote visit our booking page and put in your dates: https://checkout.wheelbasepro.com/reserve?owner_id=210985)


We collect a $250 deposit to hold your reservation. If you cancel up to 30 days in advance it is fully refundable, after that it is not refundable.

May 01-31

The sun is back and spring has arrived! May is an awesome month to beat the crowds and visit Alaska! Snow can still fall in May, so pack warm clothes! (2 night minimum rental in May)


June 01-30

Our sunniest month, June includes our longest day of the year, Summer Solstice on the 21st! There are tons of road races, mountain races, and even triathlons this month, so get ready to see Alaskans everywhere getting after it!

$200/night, minimum 3 night rental

July 01-31

Our most popular month, July holds one of America's most well-known holidays, Independence Day, and in Alaska we have fireworks downtown and a festival in the forest in Girdwood! Perfect time for a van adventure!

$200/night, minimum 3 night rental

August 01-31

Autumn begins in August in Alaska, and if you are lucky enough to be here you will be rewarded with berry picking season and seeing the tundra turn red and orange, while the birch trees go gold! This is our favorite month to camp!

$200/night, minimum 3 night rental

September 01-30

Those golden hues from the birch trees and the glacier blue of the water will not disappoint this month! The days are shorter, but this does allow for beautiful sunsets and possible sightings of the northern lights.

$175/night 2 night minimum

October 01-15

Our final month of the season, October can be the most beautiful and rewarding month to rent. Less people in the campgrounds, crisp evenings to sit around the fire, and maybe some northern lights!

$165/night minimum 2 night rental

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