What's cooler than traveling around in a VW bus? Doing it in The Last Frontier! Alaska is a big, beautiful place full of adventure, and  there is no better way to get out and enjoy this incredible state than in a vintage Westfalia. 

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    About Us    

Hello! We're Phillip & Mandy and we can't wait to meet you.

Mandy's had a love affair with the VW bus for as long as she can remember, but it wasn't until she drove a '79 named Saffron through the Algarve in Portugal, that she knew she definitely needed to have one of her own. After making that dream a reality, she decided it was high time Alaska should have that opportunity for visitors to see our spectacular state in one of these vehicles, and Trickster Trips came to be.

Phillip, a creative and talented photographer and videographer grew up in Alaska, so he knows all the fun, insider activities to be a part of in this amazing state. His love for all things VW came with his love for Mandy, and after saying "I do," he became part of the team!

We are passionate about giving you a trip you will always remember. We strive to give every one of our clients a warm welcome when we meet you and send you off in style in one of our beloved vans, fully kitted-out for the perfect Alaskan adventure!


Why the name "Trickster Trips"?

The raven is a major player in Alaskan Native lore, appearing in many creation myths stealing the sun and giving the light to the world. He is also a shape changer, turning himself into other animals or objects to trick others and meet his own needs. I named the company Trickster Trips because I see the VW bus in much the same way - it can change shape to meet your needs, going from adventure vehicle to home by putting on the brakes and popping the top. You're sure to catch the midnight sun and much more while cruising in one of our beloved VW vans!



Goldy, our Gold Rush babe, is a 1986 Vanagon with lots of character! She has a solar panel on top to grab that midnight sun and keep your power running all night if need be. She has a manual transmission and has crossed the country before. Her favorite spot to be is in Homer, Alaska, but she loves to gallivant all around the state, much like the pioneers who came up here for the gold rush.



Our newest member, Clark, is our only "male" in the fleet, and we didn't decide that just because he is blue! He is burly and strong, and is named after the beautiful Lake Clark National Park. A 1988 Westy, he has the full kitchen set-up like his sister Goldy, and is a manual transmission.



Sue, our 1991 Weekender is a bit different from her sisters. She has an automatic transmission and accommodates two extra people in her vintage back-facing seats, so you can bring the whole family! She still pops her top for the iconic top bunk and has a fold-down bench for her bottom bunk, but you'll do your cooking outside when you rent Sue. Named after Mt. Susitna, locally known as "Sleeping Lady," Sue loves to watch the sunset across Cook Inlet on her namesake mountain or head to the river who also shares her name for some fly-fishing adventures.


    Our Fleet    



Poly is Goldy's big Syncro sister! She is a 1986 Synchro with a manual transmission, complete with 4WD and a beefy heater inside meaning she can be rented until much later in the season. If you're up for fall colors and northern lights, she's you're gal! Named for her favorite place in Alaska, Polychrome Pass inside Denali National Park, she's as good as gold.




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Sue the Weekender

Sue the Weekender